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  1. I have an original disc bought from one of those big box stores, it has the key inside it.
  2. I have 2 options: 1 "windows boot manager" and 2 "UEFI: hard drive"
  3. To get to the bios I have to hold the volume down button while starting. it has the option to boot but I need the "admin password" to access. This has never been changed on this laptop, so I'm assuming it's the default, I've tried admin, password, no luck, does anyone know what the default password might be?
  4. I've inherited a laptop (dell latitude 10 ST 2) and it has win 8.1 pro on it. Yuk to the nth degree. Anyway, I would like wipe and go back to win 7 home prem. I have an original install disc from when I upgraded my desktop several years ago. I have no files on the laptop that are of any importance, so backing up what is on there now is not important. Not entirely computer savy, so what do I do? The laptop only has one USB port and I have a ext disc drive.
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