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  1. Moderators: Additional information: The problem with Maps running after running CCLeaner is reproducible on my MacBook Pro - early 2009, a MacBook Pro 11,1, and a Mac Mini. All three Macs are running El Capitan. Bernie
  2. Moderators: The CCleaner zipped log file is attached. Thanks, Bernie CCleaner_10_05_57.log.zip
  3. Maps runs normally as long as I don't run CCleaner with Caches on the Applications tab checked. If Caches is checked, the next time I start Maps, the map graphic does not load. The Maps window is left showing grid lines. When I type a location to find, Maps places a pin in the middle of the window, in the middle of the grid lines. The map for the location is not displayed. Maps will work correctly after restarting my MacBook Pro, that is, until the next time I run CCleaner with Caches checked. I ran the debug mode of CCleaner, the log file is on the desktop. Where do I sen
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