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  1. Hello ! The last days I had the problem to recover data from an USB stick, where the folders changed their type to file ... - and it was not possible anymore to reach the contained files inside those folders. Recuva unfortunately wasn't able to recognize the damaged folders or the files inside, although runing a deep search :-( I finally could find two solutions: First I found an other recovery tool named Zero Assumption Recovery, which really was able to see the damaged folders and the contained files, and could recover it (almost all other recovery software can't handle this problem). Second (as ZAR only recovers a few files in the testversion, and the missing files were only a few more) chkdsk was able to locate the contained files and restore them with a new filename and .chk as extension. Searching throgh this files with another tool named uncheck brought them back as word files, what solved the problem this time. Making Recuva able to fix this kind of error would be a helpful feature :-) Best regards, Klaus
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