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  1. That doesn't bode well haha, I hope they sort it out soon
  2. I have had a reply to my email I sent to Piriform I sent this.... I have found that the cleaner for Mac is not working properly. I do a lot of shopping and use online banking so I like to use the highest level of security when I clean but it is not cleaning properly! I have a 2013 Mac Air and use Safari for my browsing. I use the free version of CCleaner I can do a full clean and then when I go into the history and cookie sections on safari it is all still there I hope this problem can be resolved Thanks The reply was this.... Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, CCleaner for Mac is not currently working properly, just as you have described. We are however aware of the issues and working towards developing an update to fix the problems so that everything will be cleaned as expected. We're not certain when the next update will be available but we intend to release this sometime within the next couple of months. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We'll be happy to help! Regards, Megan Sparks | Piriform Support - USA So yes they are aware and are sorting it out
  3. Thanks for the link I will get in touch with them I only use safari
  4. I have just tried to get in touch with Piriform and I can't find away to do it, maybe because I am using the free version. Still it should still clean all the history and cookies correctly. I would also have thought that someone from Piriform would monitor this forum?
  5. When I use CCleaner to do a clean on my 2013 Mac Air it is not cleaning my history properly. When I go back in to Safari and look at my history it is all still there? I use a lot of accounts for banking and shopping and like a secure clean but this is not the case at the moment! Any Suggestions Thanks
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