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  1. I have looked in the topic "SSD and secure deletion options in CCleaner and Recuva Started by rjo98, Oct 22 2014 02:42 AM" and this does not seem to answer my question. Could the community or a Piriform staff member address my question (below). If this has been addressed, please point me in the right direction in the Piriform Forums. I am a novice PC user & I use Ccleaner (Professional Edition). I recently upgraded to a PC with a SSD for my "C" drive as well as other data drives in my system (internal & external connected by USB). In addition I have a HDD (internal) for another data drive as well. I have read that SSD's do not operate in the same way as HDDs with regard to data over writing & erasing. QUESTION: Does Ccleaner take these differences in to account when it operates in a system that has SSDs or a mix of SSDs & HDDs?? Can a user chose an "SSD option" in Ccleaner? ( I've looked for this & have not seen it). Or, is Ccleaner not suitable in a system with SSDs??
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