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  1. Yeah, like 2171F says these ads only happen when Ccleaner starts and it has internet access. Naturally not being connected to the internet when Ccleaner launches will stop the ads. Not having it start on windows startup is going to give you control over when the ads appear as you'll manually have to start the program. Regarding things like PUP's or PUM's, I'm not sure what you mean by them being deployed for this purpose. They are just programs that you (or any user) choose to install but have a reputation for doing unexpected or bad things that they aren't really meant to do (from the pe
  2. The ways I'm aware of to stop these adverts, are to either uninstall, or within whatever firewall you're running, block incoming and outgoing connections for ccleaner.exe & ccleaner64.exe (and perhaps CCupdate.exe, not sure if it's needed). The only potential downside to revoking ccleaner's internet access is it won't be able to check for updates, but personally I suggest using some other app that checks multiple programs for updates anyway (eg PatchMyPC, SUMO, etc. there are a few around, or you can periodically check the home page). What's causing these adds to appear is now AVAST h
  3. This isn't entirely accurate as far as I understand it. My understanding is that forced uninstall (in Revo pro / tiral) is to do with uninstalling left over junk which wasn't uninstalled via Revo, i.e. it was uninstalled using the native or windows uninstall options, or if you just manually deleted the program file/folder (hopefully most people know not to do that these days), then the forced uninstall would still be able to scan for leftover registry entries and files despite not initiating the uninstall itself. Also the free version definitely does NOT need to monitor a programs in
  4. It may be to faint to come through the wall from outside but it still may be coming from within the wall itself. Had an issue a while ago where I could hear a noise periodically (sounded like a small intermittent sprinkler or the noise water makes when someone holds their thumb over a hose to make the water disperse in a spray), turned out it was a pin-hole leak in a little water-pipe (approx 10mm diameter) running behind the plaster board, only found out when I noticed the carpet was wet in the area the sound could be heard from, but it took approx six months for that to happen and I had chec
  5. Another thing to check is if you have firefox sync enabled. Simply mentioning it as you haven't said you've disabled it within firefox and I believe it's enabled by default. This would also explain why the entries keep returning (i.e it gets recreated from the synced backup), rather than a new default and empty places.sqlite just being recreated (i.e. no sync occurring). Also contrary to what you said above, there is a setting to clean history on exit in firefox. Go to Options -> "Privacy & Security" section -> scroll down to the area labeled History, uncheck the "Remember
  6. Yep try what mta said. If that solves the problem it's highly possible that the fast startup option is contributing to this. Essentially fast boot/startup as was said earlier puts the system into a low power mode (akin to hibernate) and can allow the system to wake, the waking aspect doesn't seem to be the issue. So the issue is likely due to the system still being in a low power state (i.e it is still powered, compared to a traditional "slow startup" shutdown). Even physically plugged in without fast startup enabled there is going to be a small amount of power reaching the PSU, but with fast
  7. Interesting about the only some people have it. I guess I'm one of the ones that has it (I just assumed it was part of the new version.) It does mention down the bottom it's a preview of quick clean, (i.e. when you select quick clean from the options on the side), however it is also in the release version (that I downloaded via the piriform site), so it's not to be confused with running the beta or a preview version of ccleaner, although the potential for that confusion is definitely high. @Granpa BARRY, to clarify, when you say it hangs at 17% do you mean during the analysis ?. (i.e desp
  8. Hi Chevyone, you can probably try again now. I downloaded it and norton, after doing one of it's "extended" checks, (which normally only happens when it's going to fail a file), ultimately, said ccleaner548.exe was safe so, they must have upped it's reputation. FYI that WS.Reputation.1 type of threat isn't worth a whole lot in my opinion. It doesn't indicate any specific type of threat, it's based on a reputation score attained from data from the community, and is assumed a threat due to that, but when you boil it down it's not technically a threat, it's just possibly a threat based on wh
  9. Fair enough, I did interpret your prior comment as blaming the users, so sorry about that, I guess mainly because IMO from a purely technical perspective I can see the point of view that it generally does boil down to the user but at the same time, realistically there is a fair bit of cajoling which helps the error to occur, hence my view is that it's unfair to blame the user in this case (or at least to solely blame the user), and figured I'd point it out. And yeah it could be considered lazy programming, personally I'd be inclined to think it's more due to a lack of consistency since MS
  10. While I'm sure the issue is in many cases inflicted by the user, it's not necessarily the only cause. Part of the issue is for some reason, MS decided to leave the actual default folders within the user directory despite the same folders being redirected. This naturally means those folders exist in two places on the same drive (when viewed from explorer), amplifying confusion when selecting a folder to save stuff too, i.e. "This PC\Documents" (redirect honored) vs "C:\Users\<username>\Documents" (no redirect), Ironically the legacy programmatically accessed "C:\Users\<username>\My
  11. Yeah I definitely agree with you there. It's not like MS is known for it's ability to fix problems caused by upgrades within 10 days, so it really shouldn't be enforcing a no backsies policy for a timeframe they also can't adhere to. Not to mention it would be somewhat trivial for them to offer a setting which effectively alters the run time of a task that is going to do the work. Especially when you consider the task that controls this functionality doesn't actually allow the trigger time itself to be altered via task scheduler, it only allows toggling whether it's disabled/enabled. I kn
  12. Regarding Windows.old removal, Assuming system sense is to also include the same options to do the same thing as the "old" disk cleanup. Windows.old cleaning was always handled via a separate option named something along the lines of "remove previous windows installations" (which was a dynamic option in that it only ever existed as an option when there was a windows.old to clean. also disk cleanup needed to be run as admin, or the clean system files button needed to be clicked). The delivery optimization & Windows Update cleanup options, were and still are always present, but didn't (and
  13. To be fair this has little to do with European regulations, or even the software invading ones privacy. It's actually highlighting a potential privacy issue, which could occur if the end user fails to sign out of signed in accounts, before letting someone else use the device, even though they've shut down the browser. Which is only logical since the browser was set to load the last opened pages. What I find ironic here is this already happens even if you don't have pages open automatically, it's simply that the pages you're signed into aren't "advertised" by being opened automatically. C
  14. It depends on exactly what is being discussed here, a shortened url which has been shortened by using shortening service, as per the OP, won't be resolved to the true url by a mouseover, copy link etc, you'll only get the link provided by the service (which was posted by someone) which when clicked will be resolved by the shortening service to the original address by clicking it. Things like regular links or the "quote" in this forum used as an example aren't shortened via a service, they are more like regular html links in that they have a displayed name or tag for the url they reference
  15. Thought I was going crazy for a minute as I could have sworn I'd been using the registry address bar longer than that. Seems I wasn't, the article has an update as it was the original creators update (i.e. November 2017) it was added, but it's one of those simple features that really should have been done even earlier than that IMO. Also to revisit my prior post here, my system freeze when gaming issues have been resolved. Not 100% sure what changed to fix it, I suspect it was HWiNFO which I use to monitor temps etc as others seemed to be experiencing similar things when used in combinati
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