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  1. My system somehow got corrupted after CCleaner deleted old windows 7 installation folders (about 11GB). When I checked, it did not completely delete the folder. There are still over 500MB left. After closing CCleaner. I tried to open Firefox, Microsoft Edge, windows, and every app I can think of. It gives some error and does not start, and it's the same error. Sorry I didn't write down b/c I didn't realize windows won't reboot. Anyways, I select "Update and Restart" from the Start button. Windows does its own update then restart, and it gets only to the Windows logo and gets busy rotating circle indefinitely. Never gets to the login screen. And it doesn't get to the Windpows RE display after rebooting several times. I do not see how I can get to the Windows Safe Mode. Only way is to do a System Recovery, which goes back to original factory condition. That means it goes back to Windows Vista and all files will be deleted. Then I have to upgrade to Windows 7, then Windows 10 - it's a real pain. How can I get to the login screen or at least boot up successfully? I forgot to backup my latest files, and I'd prefer not to lose them. Please help. This is on HP laptop.
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