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  1. I'm a new CCleaner user. I can't see where to choose which drives ti include in the cleaning process. I followed instructions and went to setting and browse for which drives and clicked add/OK and was told: "for system safety reasons you cannot select this specific location" I tried to add a folder within the drive and I was given the warning "warning - this folder will be emptied of all files upon cleaning". Well I don't want to empty these folders I just want to clean them. And I have C, D and an NAS drive. How do I include them? Am I just misunderstanding how CCl
  2. i'm a new user. I've run the cleaner successfully but now i'm having trouble with the duplicate finder. when i point it at the whole c drive it finds loads of dupes - a scary amount that i'm not convinced of. when i run it and only point it at one folder where i know there are dupes, it finishes instantly, as if it hasn't even looked, and finds nothing. am i doing something wrong?
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