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  1. if no image shows up in the preview box, and it says "No Preview Available", then that picture is most likely too corrupted to be view-able, and should be ignored. my deep scan for pictures has a billion results like that, with a smattering of images here and there that DO SHOW PREVIEWS. i just want a quick and easy to way to select and recover only those few that actually show a valid picture in the preview, because those are the ones that really work and can be opened by photo viewers. has anyone figured out how to somehow group and collect those needles in the haystack? thank you so much! dohn
  2. please please make some way to just recover the images that DO show a preview. Explanation: After doing a scan for images/pictures/jpgs, the results will show in the thumbnail view or in the preview panel, and often times many will not be able to show a preview image, saying "No Preview Available", and that (usually) means the file is too corrupt to display correctly. But when some of the found images WILL show a picture, that usually is the best indication of the quality of that file's condition. When a deep scan has returned over a hundred thousand image files to sort through, and only a small random scattering of them show previews, it would takes weeks to go through nearly a hundred thousand files and eyeball each one and then check it for recovery. so, is there a way to sort for and select just the files that can and are actually displaying an actual image in the preview? if not, will Piriform please add this feature? let's say that there are 200000 image files that were found, but out of those 200000 files there are 3% that show a real picture in the previews, but they are not nicely grouped together. It is very disheartening and near impossible to manually find and check them, one by one, over and over again, six thousand times!!! thank you so much! Dohn
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