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    Easy Clean.

    hazelnut - thanks for the link to the "Easy Clean" thread.
  2. Easy Clean has vanished from the CCleaner toolbar. This has happened once before but it returned later. Anyone know why this is happening?
  3. Iowa


    I am using Windows 10!
  4. I understand a firewall makes a computer safer. My PC came with Windows Defender already installed and, I believe, a Firewall. After updating CCleaner, some time ago, I found that Avast Free Antivirus was on my machine I did not ask for this to happen but decided to stick with Avast and turned Windows Defender off. On checking, recently, I believe the Avast Free version does not have a Firewall. I have 2 questions. Is the Windows Defender firewall still active on my PC despite turning off Windows Defender?. I have tried to find this out by going into the Control Panel but the answer is not clear to me? If the WD Firewall is normally not active can anyone recommend an effective free Firewall compatible with Avast Free Antivirus?
  5. Thanks for the information! As an after thought, and probably showing my ignorance after needing to edit this post, how do I work out if I have my "computer/apps configured to use" my email. Unless the answer is fairly simple, and not too technical, don't bother with a reply. I will leave that judgement up to you!
  6. So if they do not open my email editor it is not possible for them to contact me unless I provided my address and I would, therefore, be unable to know, for certain, if they had received the email. If it does rely on my email address then the one used will, presumably, be the address linked to my ISP. and so my email should appear in the sent column?
  7. Despite my username I live in the UK. My ISP is BT (British Telecom). I have 3 email addresses (all in my own name) at BT, Gmail, and Hotmail. Recently I tried to contact the US TV channel, CNN, from their own website. I'm not sure if CNN received the message as a poster does not always receive a reply. I assumed my email would be sent thru' my ISP email address, but it did not show up in the sent column. Would such a message sent from a form on a website go thru' the address provided by the poster's ISP or have I got this wrong?
  8. My OS is Windows 10. I sometimes get a message from Avast suggesting I download their firewall. Windows Defender was built in, but I decided, for the moment, to go with Avast. I may change back later. I'm asking the question because I assumed Avast disabled the Windows Firewall as it disables Windows Defender with which the Windows Firewall is linked. I expect the Avast Firewall, also, to be built in to Avast (free) Anti-Virus.
  9. Can anyone give me an answer here?
  10. Some time ago I downloaded Avast free anti-virus when I updated CCleaner. I have decided to keep Avast, for the moment, and I understand this is OK as it disables Window Defender. This means I have only one anti-virus running. Two of these may cause conflicts. Should I download Avast Firewall or download some other firewall. I'm sure I was told it was better to use another firewall and, in this case, not the firewall provided by Avast!
  11. Success! Thanks for the information.
  12. I am having a problem updating CCleaner to the new version. I click on the box allowing me to download the free version. On the following page "download" appears again. I click this box and, after a few seconds, an advert for "Driver Support" appears. The downloading process stops here and does not move on. This has happened before, and I have only managed to update, to a new version, after repeated attempts. I don't suppose this is of any relevance, but I have Windows 10 and an extremely slow broadband speed!
  13. I intend to buy a basic book, with, hopefully, clear explanations of the essentials needed for Windows 10. There are a number of books which claim to do this. Any tips/opinions on the best books available?
  14. Again, thanks for the information. I decided to stay with the familiar Filehippo site, and managed to update after around 10 attempts. Now I notice there is another update so I may attempt to download using the alternative path mentioned by both hazelnut and nukecad.
  15. Thanks for the reply. A further point. I am still having problems downloading the newest version of CCleaner. At a certain stage of the process I am told to watch a brief video but this does not appear. After this I am told "Thanks for the download" but on the same page there is a box suggesting I should check drivers. I am not given a choice here and I cannot seem to move on. I notice the last few times I have updated CCleaner I need to attempt the process half a dozen times before I am successful. I live in a fairly remote rural area and broadband speed is very slow. Could this be a cause of the failed updates?
  16. I hope I have the correct sub forum! Despite having an extremely limited grasp of computers I have had few problems updating CCcleaner altho' recently I have found the process, of updating, a touch confusing. Yesterday I failed, for the first time, to update. However I did manage, maybe due to carelessness, to download Avast anti-virus. I did have Avast before and had no complaints, but, at that time, I took an active decision to download. On this computer I have Windows 10 with Windows Defender built-in and so decided to stick to that system. Am I right in assuming since both Avast and Windows Defender are on my PC this, inevitably, causes some kind of conflict.? In fact, are they both working, in the background, and causing problems? I tried to uninstall Avast, in the usual way, but this did not work. What is my best course of action?
  17. I use both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome as browsers. Does CCleaner automatically remove internet history, for both these browsers, when the "run cleaner" and then the "ok" buttons are clicked?
  18. Just to be clear, we use the same steps to exit as those we deploy when going INTO safe mode?
  19. I have Windows 8.1. and have never used Safe Mode. What is the best (simplest) way to exit Safe Mode?
  20. It cleans mine! Waiting for your reply to mta's post.
  21. As far as I am concerned I followed the procedure mentioned above. I went into control panel, then programmes, and after that programmes and features. I highlighted Avast free Antivirus, clicked change, then modify, and unchecked the Safe browser. Maybe I should have mentioned it was called "Safe Browser" rather than "free browser". What I regard as the problem with running Avast free Antivirus, as described in my first post, remains.
  22. A few days ago I noticed a new icon on my PC desktop named the Avast free browser. This appeared suddenly and was not caused by any action on my part. Since then Avast free Antivirus does not seem to be working properly, I uninstalled the browser, by using the control panel, but the problem persists. When I open Avast antivirus I am told "You are unprotected".. I can still operate the smart scan but this only takes a couple of seconds to run whilst before it took around 2.5 minutes. I want to keep Avast so should I uninstall and then reinstall later, and is it better to use the removal tool?
  23. I am still, probably unnecessarily, wary! All I need to save are my bookmarks/favourites and a few websites I go to, regularly, on my desktop. These few tasks will then be performed automatically by the Windows 10 installation? Is that correct?
  24. I have Windows 8.1 and plan to install Windows10 soon. Is this, in any sense, a complicated process or does it download automatically once started?
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