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  1. I've been a CCleaner user for about 10 years - and upgraded to the professional version 6 years ago. Running windows 7 on a 9 year old HP laptop. It appeared to be performing as expected, and occasionally I would run it manually. PROBLEM - the shortcut disappeared from my "home" (?) screen. I checked "all programs" and found it there - opened it did some clicking here and there - found a "short cut" - put it on my home screen but it doesn't open the CCleaner program which allows me to run the program. BTW, I still have the "LICENSE KEY"!!!. Somewhere I also seem to have picked up AVAST - I know I didn't install it. If someone is free to respond, please keep it simple!! You think my computer is OLD ? You should see me ! FEW computer skills, JUS GETTIN BY. KISS concept works.
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