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  1. I have a SSD drive in my laptop, and I know NOT to degrag my SSD drive. However, there is a choice of Defrag or Optomize my drive. What does Optimize do and is it good to do for my SSD drive?? Thank you for your time and expertise. Jon T
  2. I am a Long time user and contributor of Ccleaner. I am using Ccleaner 64bit version 3.05.x Windows 7 64 I might do a Browsing session and want to quickly remove whatever cookies have accumulated, as I have defined in Ccleaner's Configuration. Naturally, I can do my usual execution of Ccleaner, but I would like to create some shortcut of a different type of Ccleaner run. In addition to my usual configuration, I would like to have one that would only remove those defines Cookies, then relaunch Firefox 4.x. In this way, I could remove those accumulated "bad boy" Cookies before I browse again. Is there a way I can create like a second type of Ccleaner execution, that would run of a different config file ?? Thanks, Jon
  3. Dennis What a great post. That link to remove all but the restore points, except for the last one, WAS GREAT. Got rid of about 50gb of space on my laptop drive, which is quite a bit. Thanks, Jon
  4. AH, hold the phone. By looking at my attachment, I misunderstood about what was meant by "Advanced Settings" and looked under "Options Advanced". Then I looked at my Windows settings (as you can see in my posting), and I do have Windows/Size Allocation ticked Jon Temple
  5. I don't even see the Windows Size/Location under the advanced section. However, I have pasted whay my setting are, on a three page document that I uploaded. each page has a image paste of my settings. I saved the document in Word format (even though it was created from Openoffice.org. I assume that the Word format would be easy to look at. On the top of every screen, it does show the version that I am using, which I think ? is the latest version. Thank you for time and expertise, I greatly appreciate it. PLEASE let me know if you can see my configuration settings, I figure showing you the settings that I currently have would be more valuable than going back and forth on how my settings are set. Jon Temple cccleaner.doc
  6. I am using Ccleaner v2.27.1070 on a PC that is using Vista Ultimate 64 bit as its OS. I have been trying to get categories of File Folder views set so that they actually make sense and so that they don't fall back to the windows folder view default settings. I have noticed, that these settings that I have created, then saved as a view type (for example Music Details), as specified in Vista get lost. I updated a file folder view, for music details by clicking Organize in the toolbar, and then clicking Folder and Search Options. In Folder Options, click I clicked the View tab, and then clicked Apply to Folders. I opened several folder of this type and saw that it worked. After this, I ran the Ccleaner Windows Clean. Then I re-opened some of the "music details" folder and saw that the changes I just made were gone. My question is, Do I need to uncheck, one of the Ccleaner Windows options, so that these Folder View settings will not get wiped out. If so, which one is it ?? Thank you in advance, Jon T.
  7. Great idea, I use Infranview all the time. Thanks, Jon
  8. I am running Vista Ultra 64bit for my OS. I would like a little more detail on the following options om CCleaner and wonder if the descriptions are the same for Vista as they are for XP. The file systems display options are different. Window Size/Location Cache Windows Explorer stores the view formatting and ordering settings for each folder on your system. After some time, this can contain a large amount of redundant data and may even slow down browsing for files on your system. Selecting this option will clear this data and reset the Windows Explorer display settings to their default option. ---> I like have some of my file folder have fields that I have selected shown, instead of whatever the default is and whatever Vista "thinks", the folder type display relates to. Does this option clear those changes I made out ?? Custom Files and Folders Will clean your custom files and Folders that you have selected in Options, Customs. ----> This might sound really stupid, but I don't know what menu is being refered to as far as "Options, Customs". I don't see where they're is an "Option" selection in Vista ?? Thanks, Jon
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