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  1. ALCON Any idea of why ccleaner (v5.31.6105, 64-bit) update now recognizes my local drive as a solid state drive? It is a Hitachi hard drive Storage Hard drives HITACHI HTS725032A9A364 Manufacturer Hitachi Product Family Travelstar Series Prefix Standard Model Capacity For This Specific Drive 320GB Heads 16 Cylinders 38,913 Tracks 9,922,815 Sectors 625,137,345 SATA type SATA-II 3.0Gb/s Device type Fixed ATA Standard ATA8-ACS Serial Number 110307PCK304GKJ14A7K Firmware Version Number PC3ZC70F LBA Size 48-bit LBA Power On Count 3426 times Power On Time 486.6 days Speed 7200 RPM Features S.M.A.R.T., APM, NCQ Max. Transfer Mode SATA II 3.0Gb/s Used Transfer Mode SATA II 3.0Gb/s Interface SATA Capacity 298 GB Real size 320,072,933,376 bytes RAID Type None
  2. Just updated to ver 5.3 and now ccleaner is reporting my hard drive as a SSD???? Storage Hard drives ST500LM021-1KJ152 Manufacturer Seagate Heads 15 Cylinders 60,801 Tracks 15,504,255 Sectors 976,768,065 SATA type SATA-III 6.0Gb/s Device type Fixed ATA Standard ATA8-ACS Serial Number W62ELSL7 Firmware Version Number 0004LIM1 LBA Size 48-bit LBA Power On Count 532 times Power On Time 120.9 days Speed 7200 RPM Features S.M.A.R.T., APM, NCQ Max. Transfer Mode SATA III 6.0Gb/s Used Transfer Mode SATA III 6.0Gb/s Interface SATA My temporary solution was to revert back to version 5.29 which solved the problem
  3. Community Looking for some insight as some of you have most likely used other defragging products. For years I used Diskeeper Pro until this product no longer supported external drive. Then I purchased Piriform Defraggler have used other Piriform products. Satisfied with Defraggler I have used it for years. Recently I purchased a LaCie 6TB drive and found that it would take 1 - 2 days to defrag ~30 percent of the drive, typically spending 10 - 12 hours at the 48-49 percent mark. So I've tried a competing product from Auslogics called Disk Defrag Pro which will defrag my Lacie in ~ 4 to 6 hours. Obviously not all defragging software are equal. Any one have a reason why Drefragger would take nearly 2 day to defreag an external drive. Because I own both products I typically use Defraggler on my local (I prefer Piriforms interface) and use Auslogic on my external (for at least a year until my subscription runs out). Personally I prefer Piriform's products and will remain with Piriform. But anyone have any insights regarding the defragging time (and or capabilities) between Piriform and Auslogics. Jeff
  4. mta - that's fro the recommendation. Willy2 - its a 6TB hard drive connected through a 3.0 USB hub.
  5. Connection method : USB 3.0 hub External drive use: It is my backup (#1) drive - no backups during the defrag Type of Defrag - Full Drive Use. No. The Lacie is strictly used for backups and it also maintain my movie library. I run "SyncbackPro" every other day to back up my local drive and then (now) backup the LaCie (which was just defragged) every Sunday evening. Yea I've set Defraggler to defrag at > 5% right now. The rearrange comment seem correct as I regained ~ 18 of the little white marker squares. So it just must have been a case or rearranging the hard rive. But 4 days was a long time. It only took a copy of hours to transfer the 1.52 TB of data from my NAS over to the external rive.
  6. Forum I recently transferred 1.52 TB of files to a 6 (5.45) TB LaCie 2Big external drive. The preceded to use Defraggler to defrag the files after transferring. The disk was approximately 4% fragmented. It took approximately 87 hours (~ 4 days) to defrag. At one time, it took approximately 9 hours to go from 64% to 70% finished. The disk does contain approximately 700 movie files which maybe have been the culprit. Does it take a long time to defrag larges files? Either way 4 days seems and inordinate amount of time. Sincerely
  7. mta Thank you for the insights. So apparently all it was doing was rearranging files - wasted time. I have my schedule settings running to often; so I've reset to defrag at startup only when 10% or more. I use to run Diskeeper Pro but it no longer supports external drive and so I moved over to Defraggler which seems slower but probable a difference in defragging algorithms. So I'll see how the new settings work for both my external(s) and local drive at 10%
  8. Forum Over the weekend I noticed that Defraggler took 9 hrs to defrag a LaCie 3 TB drive (6TB, RAID 1 configuration) with 0 Total Fragments and 0% Fragmentation before defragment took place. Why should it take so long? I would think that as the file became less and less fragmented over time it would take shorter periods of time to defrag. On a side note what would the Forum recommend as a default "Schedule" daily, weekly, monthly or based upon a percent fragmentation? Jeff
  9. Thanks for the insight. I really don't have any need to "securely" clean files and or my unused space. But it has been interesting experimenting with ccleaner and Recuva (which has been a life saver). File "deletion" (securely) and MFT's clean up is quite a complicated issue.
  10. Recuva Discussion Curious to know if I am using Recuva correctly. When I perform a search, then Switch to the Advance Mode, and highlight or check a sequence of files to be Overwritten (State: Excellent) I find that if I rescan the files don't appear to have been overwritten. What might I be missing Jeff
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