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  1. This is certainly NOT a new issue with CC. It's been an issue since I started using it. I've put up with it not for days or weeks but months, maybe years now, and finally decided that this just can't be acceptable for a paid service and a very popular browser. I tried their so-called fix which doesn't fix anything, eg, unclick the box that allows processes to run in the background, yet Piriform continues to display it as the fix! CC cleans away a little bit of IE dust in the corner but leaves a steaming pile of Chrome crap in the middle of the floor (3GB the last time!!, after I noticed videos were freezing up). Problem is that Piriform has known this for a long time. Again, this is not a recent problem with recent upgrades. As I was looking through Chrome internal settings, perhaps there is a way to clean Chrome internally. I need to confirm it with a good CC cleaning, which unfortunately at the moment wipes all of Chrome off the GUI...have to re-initate all sites and pages. If I can do it internally within Chrome that would be a good thing, but then, of course, I would have NO need for CC. So this fix needs to be done NOW, or CC needs to tell us they can't, and those of us that use Chrome will simply unsubscribe. If this were a free service, sure, lots of slack given. But CC Pro is not some free service, meaning this fix shouldn't come from the goodness of their hearts, but from good business practices. This isn't "vitriol"...this is a disatisfied customer that wants to know that the fix is imminent, not be told to shut up and be patient we're working on it.
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