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  1. Problem Solved! I finally found the professional version support page. There is a known conflict with Malware Bytes' Ransomware. I've tried 4 different unistall/clean installs. But ever since my renewal I can't get the program to work as it has in the past. It downloads fine and it installs from the registration/purchase. However on the new updates I get this error message. (Error opening file for writing). If I select ignore it updates but after some unspecified time later the icon has changed to plain white and won't access the program. Please send me th
  2. Hi Hazelnut, Thank you for the thread. Now I'm even angrier with Avast. :angry: :angry: I wrote their forum on Nov 13 asking for help in trying to recover the space and to date I've gotten absolutely no where. Worse yet, from what I see on the thread that you provided it's been a known problem to at least two avast team members, lukor and Kaspar, going back to May 2016. Please don't think that I'm venting at you. I've written my comments with a little heat in hopes that somehow my comments get someone's attention at Avast. I think that it's awfully strange that Avast
  3. Lets get this out of the way first. Computer talk is not a language that I'm fluent in. Here's my problem. Instead of using my CC Cleaner on Nov. 12 I ran a wipe of the free space with Avast to see if it was going to be any quicker. I started with 89% free space of a total 930GB. When it was over I was left with only 3% free space and I've been hemorrhaging space ever since and I'm now down to 16.5GB. Analysis of the the system settings and properties shows that the bulk of the used space or 821GB is in a heading called "Other". However, when I checked each of the folders
  4. bbbad

    Disk Usage Maxs

    I have the Pro version, and when I close Chrome or Edge, Cleaner runs the disk usage to 99/100%. I've started using task manager to end the process and the disk usage goes back to 0 within minutes. However, I can't use Cleaner to do the normal cleaning functions either without maxing out the disk usage. What's the fix? Thanks
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