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  1. Excellent solution DrJones & 0xEBFE. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Yes, indeed - that's why I said "not that I'm particularly keen on that idea". T'was my way of saying - it might work, but I'm not prepared to try it because of the risks involved. We know of these manual alternatives but its a pain in the butt when you've been using CCleaner for this very purpose for so long. Good luck to the devs figuring this one out and roll on the next update!
  3. I too have tried going back to earlier versions of CCleaner but to no avail. It seems whatever change Google have made affects all versions of CC. What has been working perfectly fine all this time no longer does. Perhaps the answer is to try rolling back the version of Chrome rather than CC, not that I'm particularly keen on that idea. If anyone does find a workaround other than the manual methods suggested by mta, please do share it with us. I've never awaited the release of the next version of CC so keenly!
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