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  1. I did some extra testing today. I've got a more simple test case. It works for any microsoft account regardless of whether it's the one logged into the machine. You just need the mva url from above and a microsoft account federated to mva (i.e. signed up to it in case I'm using federated wrong ) Test case 1: MvaUser@outlook.com remains logged in after ccleaner clean Test case 2: MvaUser@outlook.com is logged out and has to log back in after going into history and clear ALL history in Chrome. The test cases are identical except in the first we use ccleaner to clean, in the second we clear all history from within chrome, deleting everything from the beginning of time. 1) log into https://mva.microsoft.com/MyMVA/Dashboard.aspx with mvauser@outlook.com REMEMBER to click "Keep me signed in" 2) Once the MVA page has come up with your training history, open a blank tab and close the mva tab. (I do this because it proves the site is not open at the point we clean) 3) either close chrome and clean with ccleaner or in chrome delete all history. 4) close chrome if not already closed 5) reopen chrome and navigate back to the link above. 6) You should still be logged in unless you manually deleted the chrome history. For me it works irregardless of the microsoft account I use. Hope that helps
  2. Hi, A while ago Chrome wasn't cleaning, that seems to have been largely fixed. I did find a problem today though. It's a bit weird, I'm not sure I have all the facts, but I'll tell you and it might ring a bell. This applies to Chrome. I have an outlook.com account for skype. Let's call it SkypeUser@outlook.com. I have a live.co.uk account that I use on Microsoft Virtual Academy (mva.microsoft.com) Lets call it MvaUser@live.co.uk At this point I have cleaned Chrome with CCleaner. I have all options set to be cleaned. All tick boxes in preferences are ticked. I select the bookmark for MVA. This takes me to https://mva.microsoft.com/MyMVA/Dashboard.aspx This bookmark bookmarks the page that is accessible only once you are logged in, so it redirects to the login page (or should!) What happens next confused me. It thought about it for a bit, went through a few redirects and then showed me a page saying: "Thank you for registering SkypeUser, welcome to MVA, yadda yadda..." So from no where it has extracted the fact that SkypeUser had logged in to outlook.com (which is just a microsoft account), and it has now federated to MVA. Does that make any sense? It took me by surprise. Wrapping up, some things I know for certain. I had run CCleaner clean on Chrome several times since I last logged in using that account. In fact I haven't logged into the skypeUser account in a month or more and I've cleaned a lot since then. In Cleaner->applications->chrome I have all tick boxes ticked. Other stuff appears to have cleaned, it has certainly forgotten other site log ins. Windows 10, latest ccleaner pro, latest chrome (Version 51.0.2704.84 m) Thanks and good luck
  3. Hello, just FYI, updated to the latest version 20 minutes ago 5.15.5513 and chrome history is still not cleared. The fix might not be ready, but if it is it hasn't worked. If you're still working on it I'll shush and let you get on with it
  4. Apologies, I did a cursory search when I logged the issue and didn't spot anything obvious and current. Glad to get confirmation though Thanks for contributing, very appreciated.
  5. Chrome 48.0.2564.103 CCleaner 5.14.5493 Windows 10 pro 64bit AV Kaspersky Same result on two machines. In CCleaner under cleaner->applications->google chrome select everything. Run cleaner Open Chrome, Ctrl + H and there's all the history. Same whether you manually clean, or have browser monitoring running. Thanks
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