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  1. The new beta crashes while erasing (secure 3 times). Its the same problem with the old programm since 1.39 Old posting
  2. i did exactly the same searching the "evil" check-box But did not work for me. Strange thing.
  3. Hi, i posted exactly the same problem here "SAME PROB". But noone had an idea to solve the problem I tried everything from new install, delete of the .ini file, i changed the options, etc. but nothing works for me. It does not happen when i change the option from "Secure file deletion" to "Normal file deletion". I prefere "Secure deletion", so i still use v1.38. Makes me not happy
  4. This 1.40 is the same version i tried before. As i said, got the prob since version 1.39. I tried the 1.40 5min ago again and the prob is the same. Maybe it has to do with "custom files to delete and folders to empty". Because, when i use CCleaner just a few minutes after clothing firefox it works without crashing. But when there is more "crap" to erase CCleaner crashes during cleaning. Don?t know. But i will test this. thx for repley Stephan
  5. i there, have exactly the same problem since version 1.39. If i choose "Secure Delete" CCleaner chrashes. With v1.38 everythings fine. I use Windows XPpro. Would be fine, if there is a solution. Stephan
  6. mh, ccleaner with the translation error shows me "build 1.34.407". Think this is the newest. Which announcement do u mean? PS ah, i see oops, sorry. then i download the "newer" version . thx man.
  7. Hi, just installed the new version 1.34. There are no german ?,?, ? (Umlaute) visible. Instead of there are nice, but not readable symbols I installed the previous version, so i can read what i do stephan
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