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  1. another thing. This problem didn't occur to me when I upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.x. It started just recently.
  2. Dear Nukecad Thank you for your reply. I changed CCleaner settings to "Run CCleaner when the Computer Starts" option after the regular sweep both times then powered off the computer. I don't know if it means a registry sweep. The START button problem occurred after I reboot the computer the next days. I am not sure CClearner causes the problem. I do see vast quantity of complaints of the Windows 10 START button issue online and not everyone uses CCleaner. But I am just asking the question and hope to get the development team's notice to make sure. Thank you. pnl
  3. Nuke Thank you for reply. I did what the google search results informed me after the first incident. But what I am thinking is that it may have something to do with CCleaner because both incidents happened after I used CCleaner. I always do regular clean. Thank you. pnl
  4. Dear Ms/Sir My Windows 10 START button stopped working twice recently. Both happens after CCleaner sweep. I didn't think about the possibility last time, but tonight I happen to sweep and select Run at computer start then restart the computer after maybe 20 minutes. The Windows 10 START button stops working again. Will you please look at the possibility of CCleaner wipes out certain document of Windows and stops START button to function? Thank you very much. PNL
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