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  1. Since I started this thread, I stopped using Speccy on ThunderCore. Then I saw your post and decided to try again. I ran Speccy last night and made sure it was set to start minimized in the tray. This afternoon, I booted up ThunderCore, and Speccy started minimized in the tray as expected. I suppose Windows finally forgot its previous state as you guessed. Thank you for your help.
  2. I set Speccy to start minimized in the system tray when my desktop computer (ThunderCore) starts, but it starts as a normal window instead. I tried running the task from Task Scheduler and setting the shortcut to start minimized, but neither of those procedures worked for me. I would appreciate any help. I have attached my desktop computer specs (as gathered by Speccy) to this post. Speccy works fine on my laptop (TurboFang-14), the specs of which are also attached. THUNDERCORE.txt TURBOFANG-14.txt
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