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  1. One of my many PC's (an old 32bit windows 10 tablet) was infected. I was able to use malwarebytes to remove the infection, and all other scans with Rkill, JRT, adwcleaner, and defender are all showing up as clean (run multiple times after resets etc..). I have also uninstalled ccleaner on this tablet. Now my question is what should i do next? Based on the information above: Should I be concerned that any logins and passwords for websites or apps (example microsoft account login, steam, origin, netflix, skype, etc..) may be compromised due to this infection? Was it only the infected PC's local network card MAC address that was leaked, or did it also grab the MAC address's of all the PC's connected on my Network?What is the probability of other PC's on my network (which did not have the affected ccleaner) having been compromised just because they are on my network with this one infected tablet? Should i manually change all the MAC address's on all my network attached devices because of this? Finally what can a malicious entity do with the type of information collected due to this infection? Thanks for any help you guys can share on this issue. Really sucks that i have to deal with this problem now all because of one stupid old 32bit windows 10 tablet.
  2. I checked out that post. It did not help. I never use MS Edge, and it is not open, nor is anything related to it open on my windows 10 tablet. Thanks anyways.
  3. Windows 10. CCleaner v 5.13.5460 (latest version as of this post) Every time I run CCleaner it will skip cleaning Microsoft Edge Internet Cache. I can't seem to find any way to override the skipping and force ccleaner to actually clean the Edge Cache. I have no problems cleaning Chrome cache or any other items.
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