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  1. I use Avast and had made an exception of c cleaner as suggested. this has made no difference and the program is also set to run at start up.It's not agreat problem in the great scheme of things but thanks for your suggestions.
  2. Thanks but no enhancements have been used. Just cc cleaner as a standalone program.
  3. Downloaded the new version V5.14.5493 (64bit) and run the program. It now completes the scan and cleans chrome without any problems. The only problem that it still has is the long period of time it takes to launch (approx 1 minute) but I guess I can live with that
  4. I am running a laptop with Window10 installed and my preferred browser is Google Chrome. I have for many months/years run CC Cleaner but recently it has become troublesome. Firstly it takes much longer to launch with the two boxes being greyed out taking over a minute for them to become responsive. Secondly when I run anylyze a box opens “Google Chrome needs to be closed to clean the Internet Cache” If I press Yes the program hangs and is totally unresponsive and won’t even force close, If I press No it completes the scan but with Google Chrome skipped. On checking Task Manager this happens even if Chrome is not running and I have deselected “continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”. I have tried uninstall and reinstall of both programs but it has made no difference, Can anyone please help
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