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  1. Greetings, I fiddled with some default setting - not sure what I did, but I no longer have the error message when I start my laptop. Thanks for your help. It is a bit frustrating not knowing what was going on. The big test will come when I download CCleaner again. Regards JBT
  2. Although I have security software installed, I down loaded and ran the Malware and it came up with no problems. There has to be something in the startup that triggers the false message. Also while the message stated that it had deleted the CCleaner software, I don't believe it did. as it was running and I had to uninstall the software in order to get a clean slate. I know under window 8 there was a virtual file where programs ended up for some reason. For I had a situation where I had down loaded a module for a certain software and it ran fine. However, I could never find the file when I did a search. I contacted the software manufacturer and he said it was probably in the virtual file. I eventually found it and move it to where it should have been and deleted the virtual file. I believe that windows 10 no longer has this virtual file system so that can be ruled out. Can you advise where to find windows 10 start up file?
  3. Thanks for the thumbnail. It confirmed that I do not have insider preview running. It shows "let's get started" or some such. Looks like I will have to keep deleting the message even though I no longer have CCleaner currently installed while try to sort this problem out.
  4. I'm not aware of signing up to Window Insider - I'm too much of a novice for any fancy stuff. JBT
  5. Greetings All, I'm new to this forum stuff so please be patient. I have attempted to follow the forum string on the Window 10 removing CCleaner. However, I could not find a solution to my problem which is this. I originally downloaded CCleaner about 12 months ago - without any problems. I recently upgraded to windows 10 and started to get the message "your app isn't compatible with windows insider preview" every time I started my computer. Even though the CCleaner program was supposed to be deleted by MS, on clicking the CCleaner icon it still ran. I then did the following:- a) Uninstalled the original version of CCleaner. b ) Downloaded latest version of CCleaner (free version) c) Ran it and still got the same message. d) Uninstalled latest version. e) Rebooted computer and still got the same message - even though CCleaner was supposedly not on the computer. f) On doing a file search I found that the two versions of the CCleaner .exe files were still listed in the download file. g) I removed them and rebooted and still got the original error message. So the question is what, and where, is windows 10 picking this so called app, up from? Can anyone provide a solution? If so please keep the response simple for dummies. Thanks
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