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  1. I used disk clean up and checked everything and now it's gone from ccleaner as well. thanks
  2. Hey thanks. So SSD doesn't need defrag because it's like no need ? Like a electronics that doesn't need an battery ? Should I also not optimise ?
  3. It's happening again. The thumbnail cache won't go away. Analyze and it appeared. Run cleaner and it's still there. I analyze and run cleaner again and again and turn it off and turn it on repeat. just won't go away. No solution for this ? What is this thumbnail cache anyways ? What history is left and not deleted ?
  4. Analyze Optimize Quick Optimize Defrag Quick Defrag What does the analyze do ? what does the optimize or defrag do ? The quick ones are for fast but not through and complete ? I'm not sure but I think I tried analyze and I don't know what it did but optimize gave me like 5 gb more space and took 30 minutes or something. Could be analyze and not optimize ? I can't remember. Defrag boosts the speed and give more space too ? Some people say Don't defrag more often than 2 months or it'll reduce pc life span and not doing at all also reduces pc life span. I tried to de
  5. if I keep on ccleaner no need to even analyze with cleaner and run cleaner to delete history ? what about scan for registry ? always nothing to fix issue there. only scan every month ? not often ? Registry doesn't need to be scanned to delete history ? only analyze and run cleaner with cleaner ? Why does the ccleaner show that I also updated anti virus softwares ? I would analyze and run cleaner then update the anti virus softwares then when I analyze again it shows I updated or maybe ran the anti virus softwares.
  6. Says will reduce life span if I defrag. There are only 2 options. optimize or defrag. I don't know what analyze is. Under the optimize arrow, if I click the arrow it will show defrag or optimize or others seems not important. Optimize worked nice. Defrag says it will reduce life span so I didn't. I have no idea what defragging even is. I just know it's something that boost speed if I do. But can't say it's true or not ? People says SDD ? the expensive and new hard drive that has higher speed shoudln't be defragged and HDD the old and cheap one can. With SDD
  7. Windows 8.1 Now it deletes it but if I repeat analyze it will show these windows explorer - Thumbnail Cache 7kb 2 files Utilities - AntiVir Desktop Mssearch (Something more) randomly. I do update and scan virus and spyware very often.
  8. v5.13.5460 (65-bit) I think I already have the latest version right ? It worked perfectly till few hours ago. I installed this about 2 weeks ago. Very strange. I didn't download or install anything new or change something. Any clue anybody ?
  9. After clicking Analyze Runcleaner I get windows explorer - Thumbnail Cache 7kb 2 files Utilities - AntiVir Desktop Mssearch (Something more) These 3. It's first only 1 but then if I keep on clicking I get more. And how do I update ccleaner ? Like antivirus there are updates for free ones. Or are there no updates ? only paying for upgrades ?
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