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  1. I am using CCleaner v5.14.5493 (64-bit), and my problem is that CCleaner starts automatically when the computer starts up, thereby slowing the startup and also deleting some items which I need during the day, so I always have to restore them from the backup. I have done everything I could to prevent this - I have unchecked "Run CCleaner at startup" and also removed CCleaner from scheduled activities and unchecked all alternatives under Monitoring. I have even uninstalled CCleaner completely and downloaded the program agian and reinstalled it from scratch. Nothing seems to help - CCleaner still starts to do its cleaning after startup. Is there really no way to prevent CCleaner from running at startup?
  2. I have done everything suggested on this page, but CCleaner still starts up each time the computer is started. I DO NOT WANT CCleaner start when the computer starts. Is there really np way to prevent this???
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