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  1. The option to right click only gives the option to delete the entry and that it won't do. I suspect it will remain there. I have deleted all references to Sony MSS out of the registry.
  2. I have a Startup entry - Enabled - No - Key - Startup Common - Program - Sony MSS.Ink - Context Menu - Blank - User - All Users - C:\Program files (x86) Sony\MSS\3.0.271\SSScheduler.exe that I can't delete from CCleaner. All the Sony files have been deleted from the Sony laptop and most have been removed from the Registry. Sony have long stop making computers and offering upgrades and all their software is obsolete. I had issues and did a complete re-installation of the O/S back to Windows 8 and then to the latest version of Windows 10 Home Edition. How do I remove this one entry in CCleaner? It has been disabled.
  3. Hate the new and improved 5.41 release. I have rolled it back to 5.40 and turned off any upgrade notifications until the program reverts back to what every one wants. If it ain't broken, it doesn't need fixin!
  4. Probably a dumb question. I did a Windows 10 System re-install and each and every time I run Firefox and Facebook, I need to log in. CCleaner is set to clean the browser each and every time it closes and it wipes clean the Facebook log-in information. Before this, I never had this issue even if CCleaner cleaned the Firefox cache. How do you correct this silly problem? Thanks.
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