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  1. Changes I made to reduce Defraggler run time from more than a day to less than 6 hours for 1TB on Windows 7 Defrag was super slow prior to doing this. Go to Settings > Options > Advanced tab Check - Save all settings to INI file Check - Stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume Check - Use custom fragmention settings: - click Define button - check box on both options: Exclude restore point, and, Exclude hibernation file.
  2. SOLVED: Just setting up new computer and was freaking out that all the system restore points (after each software install) were gone in Ccleaner. Never happened before on old computer - so I played with the settings and added restore points and now it is keeping them. Here's how: 1) Go to Options > Settings > Wipe Free Space drives > UNCHECK - (C:) (or the name for your drive) AND UNCHECK - Wipe MFT Free Space You can always manually wipe free space by going to Tools > Drive Wiper > Wipe (Free Space Only) > Choose the Security (# of passes) you want > C
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