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  1. I've been using Defraggler for a while (and love it), but just recently started playing around with the settings. Short version: Whenever I check "Move large files to end of drive during while drive defrag", Defraggler just skips the defrag altogether and jumps straight to the benchmark, then announces that the defrag is complete. Steps to replicate: Check "Move large files to end of drive during whole drive defrag", all other options left as default. Running defrag goes directly to benchmark - no files are moved at all. Unchecking the box returns Defraggler to normal operating condition. Settings: "Move large files..." checked, Minimum file size 10280 (10GB), "Move only selected files" unchecked, both "Advanced" options checked System: Win 7 Pro x64 Drive: 2.7TB Seagate (28% used), external eSATA, no compression, NTFS, non-system drive Any ideas?
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