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  1. Chris Wiles

    AVG Fail

    The reason why AVG licensed this product from Auslogics was due to Kaspersky regularly bundling TuneUp Utilities with their Internet Security, in UK retail. In the UK, you'll get AVG PC Tuneup 2011 for *free* when you purchase AVG Internet Security 2011. I think this is a UK-only promo though. We'll have it online in the V3.co.uk Software Store by the end of this week, all being well (read: providing AVG delivers!). Chris.
  2. Chris Wiles

    AVG Fail

    It's a re-branded Auslogics product Chris.
  3. Thanks for posting Icedrake. It took AGES to get that promo signed off and finalised. AVG is still popular. AVG Free receives, on average, 1.5 million downloads every week on Download.com, as an example. The commercial version has more functionality than Free. Chris/V3.co.uk.
  4. Guys, I wonder what you'd think of our UpdateScanner? It's currently live on http://downloads.pcauthority.com.au If anyone fancies trying it and offering some feedback, feel free! Chris.
  5. We've had it on our stores for a while now! http://store.v3.co.uk We're still working on our big promo for 31 Aug. Should be able to announce it tomorrow. Chris.
  6. Hi, We've not given away any full software for a while, so pleased to say we've secured four full apps in August, with one top tier-1 security app to follow late August. This Friday we're giving you the full current BitDefender Antivirus 2010, worth $24.95. You can download from the V3.co.uk Software Store: http://store.v3.co.uk If you're interested, I'll update you all for the forthcoming full apps. Hopefully we can tie down that tier-1 security full app, tomorrow. Chris/V3.co.uk
  7. No. This is our closed magazine promotion and shouldn't be promoted via the Internet. Believe me, Acronis aren't happy with us over this. Chris.
  8. Oops. Yes you can: http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/downloads/222...disk-manager-se The terms were written to imply that people shouldn't link directly to the download exe. It happens all the time, sadly. A blog writer will say 1) go to this URL to register, 2) download from here (direct link) etc. Everyone is welcome to go to the landing page, but we wanted that to get the hits, in order to show Paragon it was worth giving away as a free download! They were really hesitant. Chris/vnunet.com
  9. Chris Wiles


    Unfortunately Acronis withdrew this week-long 80% off promotion, after 4 days. No explanation or warning given! Chris/vnunet.com
  10. Iolo were/are doing a 60% off promo over the weekend, so a good time to look at SM 8. The coupon code was 'iolo10' through checkout. No idea if it still works though. I also use Tune-Up Utilities 2008, which is pretty darn good. Both very similar apps though. Chris/vnunet.com
  11. Chris Wiles


    True, but the deal is a no-brainer. Two commercial products, retailing for $79.99 for only $9.99. Some people have been buying to sell on...I think. On a sidenote, we'll be giving away Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8.5 SE on vnunet.com in October. Deal already done. Waiting on the banners etc. Chris/vnunet.com
  12. Chris Wiles


    The 'function limited demo' applies to the actual download. If you download the trial version, it won't enable you to actually backup/restore your drive or partition. You need to buy it to do that. It's the same as Registry optimisation tools. The trial version will enable you to see if you have anything that needs optimising, but won't optimise until you buy. The Acronis True Image 11 for $9.99 deal ends at the end of this week. We found a better deal where you also get Disk Director 10 for free. Both products for ?6! Chris/vnunet.com
  13. Last time I put one of our promos on the board, it was deleted, sadly. Hopefully this stays up We've got permission to give away iolo Search & Recover 5, which is a current product worth $39.95: http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/downloads/222...-search-recover Let me know what you think. Chris/vnunet.com
  14. Quite frankly, System Mechanic 8 is superb. The previous 7.x wasn't too hot, primarily as it was released as a Vista tweaking tool, shortly after Vista, which led to various conflicts with the new OS. However, 7.5 came out at the end of last year and recently v8.x For ?10, it's no brainer. Indeed, I managed to get a 2-year license for ?14 recently with their 60% off promotion. Chris/vnunet.com
  15. Hi, We've got permission from Iolo to run a recent Computeractive download promo, online, for our vnunet.com web users: http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/downloads/222...system-mechanic You can get the very latest System Mechanic 8 with a free 6 month license. Pretty decent app, we're certainly impressed. Massive improvement over the previous v7.x. Chris/vnunet.com
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