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  1. Hi, I have the similar problem, however the filename on my computer is: 3590F75ABA9E485486C100C1A9D4FF06AUDVKAIPOOHGZMRF. After searching & finding your description of the problem, i began a new freespace wipe using only one pass. Now it has created a new file named: 3590F75ABA9E485486C100C1A9D4FF06ZZZ..Z.....ZZZZZ. I gather this will be removed after the wipe completes. Will the other file also be deleted when the current wipe is finished? Or will I have to use a new wipe using 7 passes (I started out doing the 7 passes, & stopped it because it was showing that it would take almost a whole day to complete the wipe). Thanks for any assistance you can give me on this...
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