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  1. Thanks RogerOver! Unticking "History" under the Internet Explorer CCleaner settings does eliminate that error message. I still have to use I.E. for an antiquated camera system unfortunately, but at least I know where that particular error message is coming from! THANKS!
  2. Just an update on this issue. Windows Feature update 2004 installed, and it still gives this error. Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.264) Windows 10 Pro. I only use the Firefox 76.0.1 64bit browser. Thanks!
  3. I have noticed that when I launch the CCleaner interface webcachev01.dat gets put back into the c:\users\userid\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\webcache directory. You can add webcachev01.dat as a file to be specially removed (options, include, file), and it will get removed again. What made me look for this was that error in the windows 10 system log that says: Unable to start a DCOM Server: {0358B920-0AC7-461F-98F4-58E32CD89148}. The error: "2147942767" Happened while starting this command: C:\WINDOWS\system32\DllHost.exe /Processid:{3EB3C877-1F16-487C-9050-104DBC
  4. CCleaner Version 5.12.5431 64 bit. Windows 10 Pro 64bit with ALL updates as of 12/10/15. When "Skip User Account Control Warning" is checked it sometimes takes 9 seconds for the CCleaner screen to appear. Sometimes it fires up instantly though. I finally just gave up and created a stored procedure to run CCleaner on demand (using an icon to launch the stored procedure). I think you have to check the box in Options, Advanced to "save all settings to INI file" first though. Proceed at your own risk! Create a stored procedure (scheduled task) called CCleaner (or whatever you want to
  5. I thought the newest version of CCLEANER was supposed to fix the SKIP UAC slowdown, but it happens like every 3rd time I run it during the day. It takes my PC 10 seconds when it does not work (old Quad core desktop). Under CCleaner If you click on Options Advanced uncheck "Skip User Account Control Warning". This will speed it up. Caveat: It will popup the UAC window before it runs and you will have to click OK, but it will be fast and consistent. Other option is to setup a scheduled task. There are instructions on how to do this on this forum. https://www.piriform.com/docs/cclea
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