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  1. Just checked another machine. It's external drive is connected via eSATA and the information looks right. I didn't acutally verify the info but it is different than the internal 'C' drive. I will shut this down (it's not here at this computer) when I go to that machine, reconnect the drive as a USB3 and see what is reported. Also the other two internal drives seem to be reporting correct information. Internally this machine has two 1G Western drives and one 1/2 G Intel SDHD in addition to the external 4G Hitachii. 2015-12-14 - correction I was wrong. The external drive showing correct information is connected via USB. USB3. That external enclosure is a newer one made by the same company as the other (Vantec). I will next try eSATA and also connect to a USB2 port with a USB2 cable.
  2. I too am seeing the same error speccy 1.29.714 Computer: HP envy notebook HD 1 T Hybrid Windows 8.1 Pro x64 attached 2 USB external drives I won't repeat all the info winactive did unless someone wants it, but I see the same problem as the area he highlighted. The two external drives show the same info as the internal drive. One other thing I see is an entry that only exists for one of the external drives. The drive is a Hitachi Model - HUA722020ALA330 There is this entry: Model Capacity For This Specific Drive 200GB which is not correct. This is a 2T drive But this entry is correct: Real size 2,000,398,934,016 bytes
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