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  1. Win 10 Up to 5711 takes our more the CCleaner. It took out Speccy and it took out my old reliable WS-FTP and some Applian programs but not all under the Directory. Worst was Royal Bank of Canada cookies did not work even though they were in the saved place - right side of listings in CCleaner.. Had to move them to the left part - delete - manually re-enter account number at bank site and confirm save account - leave coolies in left part of CCleaner. Re-start and check - move cookies to right part and try again. Took 3 restarts and resets but now it seems to be remembering the long account number OK. I wonder how many other programs have been affected. Oh! and while my 2 Epson printers work and show up in the device and printers my good old Brother laser does not. It works fine though. I had to reinstall to get the options to work for it and it still does not show in the Devices and printers at all. It works so that is what counts to me. What next will I find?
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