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  1. Hello there, I tried to recover files from a hard drive with Recuva (free) and, after the search part (6 hours), I add a "not sufficient memory" error. No files were found. I've read that it's a matter of virtual memory, I tried the solutions I found but it did not work. The details : Win7 SP1 // 8Go RAM // 600Go to recover ! (15 years of data) // computer is 6 months old, works properly and I run Recuva at night, without any Internet connection and minimun background tasks on (I shut down all I can). With the Windows drive manager I tried to "extend the partition" (not sure of the term, I'm french, and so is my Win) - it was mentioned that "no data would be crushed" but the new partition is now empty ! I hope I can recover at least some of the datas. I wonder if it's a known issue (talking about the Recuva memory error) since I found a lot of topics about that problem on the web. And, most of all : is there a solution ? ) Thanks, C
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