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  1. Computer I use has Windows 7 SP1. With the Minimize to Tray enabled, when I use the WIN+down arrow, or the WIN+M keys to minimize the window or all windows, the CCleaner icon remains on the task bar. However, if I click on the Minimize button or the Alt+spacebar+N method, the program will minize to the tray. Obviously, there's a difference in the miminize method using the Windows key. Is this a bug or can it be an option to go to the tray using the WIN key shortcuts. Thanks
  2. I agree with an Analyze command-line switch - "/ANALYZE". Nothing wrong with having the button but with the command line switch, one came create a shortcut with this new switch to accomplish it - more flexibility to the program
  3. Ken3

    L Clock

    There's the one that started it all TClockEX http://www.rcis.co.za/dale/tclockex/index.htm
  4. Man in his attempt to worship God, established a ritual, practice, religion to fulfill that purpose. Did God really want us to form a religion? I don't think so. He wanted a personal relationship with us. He had it with Adam, Eve, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, the Old Testament prophets. Ultimately he sent his Son, Jesus to do that as well - he lived with us, felt as one of us, wept as one of us (and with us) and died for us in order to restore that relationship back to God. It's a matter of the heart.
  5. To carry EML's suggestion... Why not produce a log file when only auto starting? Replace the contents on each auto start - that way there's minimal amount of accumulation of it's own log file. This way it will force the user to rename the log file if s/he wants to keep it for whatever reason. I couldn't see this done on initial run of the program though
  6. It all depends ... Your answer could be either "yes" or "no" depending on what selections are made to be removed from the Windows tabs. An educated guess by examination ... If you examine the registry changes (I used Sysinternals Autoruns with Windows 2000 Pro - wouldn't think the location would change in XP), the changes occur under the Current User key - "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" inserting the CCleaner command line to run. So your answer is "yes" that it will occur when when logging back in. Rebooting is not necessary. However, it will be "NO" if you select to "delete index.dat files" under the Windows Tab - then it will require the reboot/restart - you will receive a CCleaner message when selecting it. Hope this helps
  7. 1. Documents and Settings\"username"\Local Settings\Temp 2. Documents and Settings\"username" Just did this using Win2KPro with (1) shown in 8.3 format with "~" folder names. XP has it similar to this if not exact (don't know about the 8.3 format though)/ All you need to do is follow what he did.
  8. Have you changed any mouse settings recently? Maybe, just maybe changing mouse settings temporarily and changing it back may help.
  9. It just occurred to me, the "Applications" Tab, does this section cover more than just application MRUs? If it doesn't why not name the tab as "MRUs"? Is the use of CCleaner for any user (regardless of computer knowledge) or for more of the intermediate and advanced? If the former then "Application" may make sense, but if the latter, "MRU" may make more sense or would it be too much of a "technical" label?
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