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  1. To all, I've just received a WINDOWS disk error message, see text below & file attachment:- ----------------------------------------- Instructions For Fixing Hard Disk Errors: We strongly recommend that you backup your computer to avoid potential data loss. After you have backed up your computer, you should contact your computer manufacturer or other hardware technical support to determine if the disk with errors needs to be repaired or replaced. We recommend that you store these printed instructions together with the media used to back up your data (for example, the CDs or USB flash drive used to store your backup), so that everything you need to fix your computer is in one place. The following information is provided to help the hardware technical support person diagnose the hard disk with errors. Disk Name: TOSHIBA DT01ACA050 ATA Device Volume: C:\ --------------------------------------- I thought at first it might be Malware or Virus, but ran all virus software & CC-Cleaner & reboot, but this message is popping-up often now so it might be a genuine MS message. I backup files anyway, so not too worried if it dies, I'll just have to get a new hard drive. However would DEFRAGLER also detect that my hard drive is about to fail..?? If so, where do I look on the interface to see details of Hard Disk Failings..?? Ages ago Defrag win software reported "Bad-Clusters" this I sort of understood. But don't see this term anymore ..!! Any assistance will be most appreciated.
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