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  1. I use the portable version of  Opera and it's the latest version  as you can see in the attached screenshot. Its version is 47.0.2631.55

    Just wanted to say that it brings up the "Browser cleaned" notification when closing the portable Opera but it does not actually clean the cache.

    Perhaps it's not designed to clean the cache created by the portable version but if that's true, it shouldn't bring up the notification.




  2. Hi,


    I've used a program called Smart Defrag by Iobit and have to say that it is way faster than Defraggler. I usually defragment my primary drive because I like to experiment and therefore frequently install and uninstall various software.


    I've seen a dramatic difference in the speeds at which both Smart Defrag and Defraggler defragment and I am talking about the normal defragmentation, not the quick one.


    Smart Defrag usually takes less than 30 minutes to defragment my primary drive and its capacity is 465 GB


    Defraggler on the other hand takes way longer. It took more than 4 hours to defragment the same drive which was already defragmented by Smart Defrag by the way


    I therefore assume that if the drive was not already defragmented with Smart Defrag, it would've easily taken way longer


    I understand that both the programs have different algorithms but after all they are designed to perform the same task by and large and so, want to know what could actually cause such a difference


    I will look forward to a reply.




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