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  1. ron-e-g


    OK thanks. guess it is just too small an amount to show other than through "properties"
  2. ron-e-g


    Let me explain better. In "this PC' view the drive is listed as 1.81 TB free of 1.81 TB. When I open the drive I can view the 6.6 GB of files on it. So how can it be 1.81 TB free?
  3. ron-e-g


    After reformatting my Seagate Replica 2 TB external hard drive, I loaded some files back on to it. It now still shows 1.81 TB of 1.81 TB free.
  4. ron-e-g

    No files listed

    Yes as mentioned, only the deleted files from the Ronald folder, that is currently showing empty. However the drive is 2 TB (1.81) and shows only 168 GB free. The showing files do not take up near that much space. That brings me to my next question. Should I copy the windows.old file, and Mixcraft Projects to a larger drive along with the recovered files then reformat the drive to gain usage back? If so what is the best procedure for that?
  5. ron-e-g

    No files listed

    Am I correct in assuming the Recuva program only targets the deleted files on a HD not "all" files? I ak this as a lot of the files it has found have the name windows. old. That file is viewable. However it is the RONALD***-PC folder that is empty, and the one I am trying to recover.
  6. ron-e-g

    No files listed

    After searching for the lost files. None are shown.
  7. mta, I couldn't find any older versions of Speccy @ FileHippo. Maybe I just don't know how to search?
  8. Thanks mta. I use to have it right. Maybe a problem in a recent update?
  9. Recently I went into my current Speccy program (v1.28.7090 64 bit). I noticed it showed my Quad Core processer with only one core, and a listing for the same. I seem to remember it showing different in the past. Am I wrong?
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