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  1. I think people must be doing something wrong! I've always used the FREE version and because of the previous well-known issues I was still on CCleaner 5.44.6575 until a few days ago. I'm now VERY aware of potential issues and look before I leap (install) I've just updated 3 PCs to CCleaner 5.51.6939 by downloading from the genuine site http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/standard and then manually installing it by clicking on the downloaded ccsetup551.exe file....as I always have done. Also I run the installations "customised" to prevent CC options from being added to the Recycle Bin Context Menu. No mention of Trial versions, Smart Cleaning was disabled by default (I was upgrading from a previous version as I mentioned and it kept my settings) and I have NO related Startup item in Task Manager, the only time a CCleaner process appears is when I run it! I'm the first to complain when things go wrong but in this instance CC is doing just what it should be doing. Btw....before anyone asks - NO - I have no connections with CC or Piriform other than as a user.
  2. UPDATE to my post above I've created 2 small batch files, one using @nukecad suggestion to create a text-file list of connections in C:\ (Continuous connection activity.bat) and another to create a snapshot of running connections, also in C:\. These are attached - they need to be run in Administrator mode - right-click the file and...... Continuous connection activity.bat Connection activity snapshot.bat
  3. Much obliged to @nukecad and @mta A combination of your suggestions sounds like the way to go - i'll report back if I have any new findings. @nukecad I just tried your netstat suggestion - now I need to do a bit of digging to find out what some of these mysterious communications are about. I'm pleased to say that CC is NOT amongst them - that whole link contains some very interesting info . Please see my UPDATE below One question for you both (as you both mention it) if you delete the ccupdate file, does that prevent the manual Check for updates button from working? I've always found that even if CCleaner offers an update, whether automatically or after a manual check,one can choose to ignore it. Clearly, one must be aware aware that manually checking for updates results in a communication with Piriform. I would prefer to retain that facility - to me it's all about retaining control of what my devices do! One can then peruse Release notes, read here and other forums to make a decision - not that that should be necessary of course The problem with using the excellent cleanmgr, (which I use between Windows Feature Updates and Macrium images) is that I don't think it clears browsing history and cookies, for which I've always used CC on a daily basis.
  4. @Kernol @mta @Augeas I have NOT yet tried version of 5.46 of CC - I reverted to 5.44 (and am still using it) when all the monitoring problems with 5.45 started, so perhaps you could answer this for me please: I read the the v5.46 changelog but I'm not entirely clear whether the telemetry that is now running is due to the Settings option "Inform me of updates to CCleaner" being ticked. It strikes me that with that option on, then CC MUST "phone home" in order to see if there's is in fact a newer version available. If that's the case then it would make sense that the only way to block it would be via the firewall. I have the "Inform me of updates to CCleaner" option OFF in 5.44 until I'm happy to get 5.46 but if you've already installed 5.46 perhaps you, (or anybody else using 5.46) could check? Thanks.
  5. Thank you for that - I now have v5.44.6575 installed and have checked Task Manager and the Registry finding no "nasties". Options > Privacy > Allow usage data to be shared..... defaulted to ON but I switched it off and it has remained off after a reboot. Options > Monitoring is all OFF by default as it should be. @Stephen Piriform I would like to point out that you really do need to get this right in the next release. Apart from the fact that I and many others are very disgruntled with this whole affair, might I point out that this is the THIRD time in less than a year that someone at Piriform has dropped the ball. In September 2017 there was the incident where CCleaner 5.33.6162 contained malware and earlier this year there was that infernal popup that one finally found could be got rid of by setting a cookie to "keep" - ie using a CCleaner function to fix a CCleaner problem! My point is that you / Avast are a SECURITY company and as such, this behaviour saps the confidence of the most loyal user (I've been using CC since it was known as Crap Cleaner and there are many other people the same!) I'm willing to await the next release even if it does take weeks, but I must say, i'm keeping my other options on the "back burner" for now. PLEASE fix it, test it, and test it again!!!! By the way, I was a professional software tester for 15 years - take it from me, bugs WILL be found in the code if you give your test team a free hand and enough time! Thank you.
  6. That may be because there are other Registry keys associated with CC Have a look at my posting.......
  7. Doesn't work. See my post here and the replies to it.
  8. I presume you went into Tools > Startup and set it to Disabled? I just tried that and got the same effect - in fact it created a NEW entry giving 2 entries in CCleaner - 1 enabled and 1 disabled. That makes sense actually because Windows reads the registry at Windows Startup which is long before tasks like CCleaner start, so when it gets there, monitoring has already started. It then creates a new Entry in CCleaner to match the Registry. Remember - the Registry is all powerful! The way to do it is to edit the Registry key that I quoted above. I've just tried it; restarted Windows and Monitoring did NOT start. CCleaner functions all OK I edited it back, restarted Windows and the monitoring came back on with all the settings in Task Manager and CC as before. I am NOT going to be the one to tell you HOW to do this - if you're not conversant and comfortable with editing your Registry, you can do untold and irrevocable damage to Windows if you mess it up!!!! If you do that, and don't have a system image of Windows, you are potentially faced with a rebuild. Please be warned! Additionally, there may be other entries that need to be changed if this one is changed - I have not investigated that! Suffice it to say that this works and what we need is for the Developers to remove that Registry entry and issue a new build. To repeat what I said above: "I intend to wait and see for a few days as I think a solution from the Developer is not only more elegant but will prevent the issue reoccurring with subsequent releases! I for one don't want to have to edit my Registry every time CCleaner is updated especially as I have 5 PCs to manage!!
  9. Afraid it doesn't - at least not on Win 10 Pro 1803 Please see my reply to @TheOwner in another related thread
  10. Might I call the Developer's attention to my posting in the linked thread here: Particularly the part from "EDIT" onwards.
  11. @TheOwner I began my reply as follows: Using Win 10 Pro 1803: I tried following your instructions above but would you please clarify "3.Disable CCupdate task in task manager" . In my task manager (Win 10 Pro) I have an associated process called "CCleaner64.exe" and I also have a "CCleaner" entry in the Start-up tab. I've disabled the startup entry, and stopped the process many times (and modified the options in CCleaner itself) but it recurs after a few minutes as others have stated. Where exactly in task manager did you see CCUpdate task? Or did you mean Task Scheduler Library which does indeed have a CCleaner Update task in "Ready" status. Problem with disabling that (IMO) is that you then would not get alerted to any updates. However, that may be irrelevent because.......... EDIT: Having had a poke about "under the bonnet" as it were, I stopped the monitoring pro-tem, and then went to C:\Program Files\CCleaner and manually ran CCUpdate.exe. It did NOT restart the monitoring so that has nothing to do with it, neither are there any errant Services. Looking at ccleaner.ini, all references to monitoring are set to 0 Used PC as normal for 4 hours.. Monitoring did not start, even after I ran CCleaner manually. In ccleaner.ini, all references to monitoring remained set to 0 Then rebooted Windows and once again Monitoring started, it's again enabled in the Task Manager Start-up tab and, in CCleaner Options, "Enable Active Monitoring" is ticked and in ccleaner.ini there is now a line saying "Monitoring=1" However, i think it would be possible to stop this problem occurring by modifying the Registry which contains the following entry: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "CCleaner Monitoring"="\"C:\\Program Files\\CCleaner\\CCleaner64.exe\" /MONITOR" It's presumably this that causes the ini file to be changed at System Boot and removing the "CCleaner Monitoring"entry is the path I shall follow if Piriform don't come up with a more elegant solution. However I intend to wait and see for a few days as I think a solution from the Developer is not only more elegant but will prevent the issue reoccurring with subsequent releases! I for one don't want to have to edit my Registry every time CCleaner is updated especially as I have 5 PCs to manage!! Please Mr/Ms Developer..what about it?
  12. Me too - I was getting the problem on CCleaner Free, v5.10.5373, Win 7 Pro 64Bit. Crashed first time after reboot as per post #5 Now had 5.11.5408 for 3 days - not crashed once - good fix - thank you
  13. Regarding your first issue: I had an identical problem on 2 PCs because Chrome was always running in the background even after closing all browser instances. Use Task Manager to see if that's the case - if it is , in Chrome Settings, go to Advanced Settings, scroll down to System and UNcheck "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed". No idea on your second issue though.
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