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  1. I have CCleaner 5.5.0 on android 6.0. After running it, my device can see the presence of my micro sd storage, but it results empty. I thought it deleted everything, but from my PC everything is still there. I have no idea what CCleaner has done.
  2. I have ccleaner v5.74.8197, and even with Autoupdates and smart cleaning both off, ccleaner keeps living in the system tray.
  3. I've used the windows tool and it defrag really good, while defraggler doesn't do it stopping at 0%. After I finished it, I tested the free space defrag (Normal, I don't know if the permission of fragment one is better or not..) of defraggler, it worked with E drive, but I had to test several consecutive times before making it work on C drive (it usually stops at 0%). Can I ask why the exclusion of restore point and ibernation files is preferred? Anyway I deleted all the restore point except for the last one. On drive E, after free space defrag, all "spaces" are occupied and then all are cl
  4. Thanks for the answers. I'm sure free space is not the problem, because taken space in: C drive (Windows): 104/680 E drive: 514/931 The options you specified were already ticked. Anyway, I remember one day I blocked defragmentation process of disk C at about 5%, then the problem came with all drives. I also tried to uninstall and install again, but nothing changed.
  5. Hi, when I start the defragmentation of main or other drives, this is what happens. 1. Building file list (0-100%; abount 10 seconds) 2. Defragmentating (0; abount 5 seconds) 3. Calculating disk performance (0-100%; abount 15 seconds) The defragmentation takes a few moments and remains stopped at 0%, then it go directly to the calculating disk performance. Why does it happen? The fragmentation of my OS Drive is of 8% (7,5 GB ), and the external HDD is still at 16% (101 GB ).
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