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  1. What happened, in images. Image 1: after using Edge, I openned CC and hit Analyze. Image 2: then I hit Run Cleaner, left the “Do not show…” message unchecked and hit Yes. Image 3: cleaning details, which shows Edge files delected. No skip warnings. Image 4: hit Run Cleaner again. Nothing to be cleaned.
  2. I spent some spare time trying to “find something” about this and, although it may not be conclusive, here’s what I got so far. Running a Fresh install of CC 5.11.5408, on: 1. Windows 10 64: Acer Aspire 4252 V497, AMD V140 Processor 2,30 GHz, 6 GB RAM. 2. Windows 10 32: Workstation 10 VM on an Asus N56V, Intel i7 3610 QM 2,30 GHz, 6 HB RAM. 3. Windows 10 64: same as above. In all systems: 1. I opened a bunch of sites with Edge, then checked history. All sites there. Close. 2. I opened CC, running the default config (except “disable monitoring”) and hit Run Cleaner. Here, the thing: on the two alerts that pop up, - “permanently delete files” and - “close Edge Cache DB and Internet Explorer”. there’s a “Do not show me this message again” option. Well, I just had it checked for the first message (that is now hidden) and, when it comes to the Edge Cache message, I just hit YES (and leave the “do not show again” unchecked). Surprise! CC stopped showing the “Edge Skipped” alerts and now CC report shows Edge cleaning results (History, Cache, Cookies, Session etc)! Then I opened Edge and its history was really clean. Also, clicked Analyze on CC and it showed “0 bytes to be removed”. So, maybe the BAD GUY is just the checkbox “Do not show me this message again”? Maybe? Well, I went back and checked the two “do not show me this message again” and… and… the Edge skipping messages were back! Sorcery?
  3. Ident, You’ve mentioned “programming” and I got an idea. I write software, for a living, and I have this “one instance premise” active for each station using my software (POS, accounting, finance, forecasting etc.). If a customer minimize the software window and try to start a new instance, he just get an alert asking him to check the taskbar (software already running!). But I’m changing that a little bit. Well, I just wrote a tinny EXE that checks if CC is already running: if yes, just bring it to focus and, if not, start it. Then it goes off (no reason to stay running), while CC continues on. Problem solved for me. Now, I’m adding the idea to my software. “Check the taskbar” is history!
  4. Well, I didn't say I use it that way, I'm not that retard. What I meant is that some newbie, by mistake, could be lead to it and get in trouble. That's not my case. Anyways, I agree that is great each one can chose their own preferences. For me, again, makes no sense. It's like running some antivirus on multiple instances, one checking for PUPs on folder X, another one checking the OS folder, another one checking an external HD etc. But, if someone wants to do that, feel free to do it. In the other hand, it's really useful to have multiple instances, like in Word, Note Pad, Winzip or DOS prompt. But maybe not in Windows defrag, I believe...
  5. Actually, I tried (just to check it out), but I know what I'm doing. Now, what about those noobs (family and friends) I help out? The other day, one of them had 8 Outlook windows openned... Geez! Anyways, I think that make no sense CC extra instances, so they should block it, just to avoid any misuse.
  6. Well, this may be not a real “problem”, but I was wondering why does CC allows multiple instances, I mean several CC windows opened at the same time? What for? Shouldn’t CC, on start, check for any running instance and, if found, just bring it to focus, instead of opening a new one? Couldn’t this lead to any error or malfunction, I mean instance 1 is still checking for errors on registry, instance 2 is already cleaning it up and instance 3 is wiping free space etc…
  7. Nergal, that’s the 'spooky' thing. When it crashed, the “send a report to CC” windows opened and I had the chance to type in my e-mail, hit send and see the message “sent”, before Windows shut it down. Then I went to CC folder and there was no dump there. Just this “normal” log. Maybe you could check with CC, see if they received my email (), based on the date/time showed in the log?
  8. Here’s another one. Updated CC to v5.10, runned it with /debug4 and it crashed. This time, I was able to add my email to the “send error report”. I checked the CC folder, but there’s no DUMP (?), just the LOG file, which contains the following: [09:34:15::463][iNFO ] CCleaner v5.10.5373 (64-bit) [09:34:15::463][iNFO ] Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 [09:34:15::463][iNFO ] Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz [09:34:15::463][iNFO ] 6,0GB RAM [09:34:15::463][iNFO ] Intel HD Graphics 4000 [09:34:15::478][iNFO ] Username: Asus [09:34:15::478][iNFO ] Application Started [09:34:27::409][iNFO ] Closing application... [09:34:27::425][iNFO ] Finished closing application [09:34:27::425][iNFO ] Application Ended
  9. Test made in one of my computers. Pls let me know if, after solving this one, you would like to see the other machines error log. Now, going back to 5.09... :-)
  10. c35fbe90-7bc8-4959-b7a6-27bc923fd297.zipNergal, Updated to 5.10 and, at first run, using debug4, it crashed. CCleaner_v5.10.5373_2015-10-12_22-13-59.log shows: [22:13:59::425][iNFO ] CCleaner v5.10.5373 [22:13:59::425][iNFO ] Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1 [22:13:59::425][iNFO ] AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ [22:13:59::425][iNFO ] 2,0GB RAM [22:13:59::425][iNFO ] NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 [22:13:59::425][iNFO ] Username: Eolo [22:13:59::441][iNFO ] Application Started Dump file attached, as ZIP: c35fbe90-7bc8-4959-b7a6-27bc923fd297.dmp
  11. I don’t think the problem is due to Windows updates, but more likely to some bug in CC 5.10.5373. As I mentioned before, I have WinXP 32, Win81 32 and 64, Win10 32 and 64, all running smoothly in 5 PCs + 4 Workstation virtual machines, with a wide variety of software, from Office, Adobe CS6 and Corel X6, to Avast, Gom Player and Ammyy, plus Firefox, Explorer, Edge and Chrome etc., with no problems at all. But, in all those, CC 5.10.5373 crashes, so I went back to CC 5.09.5343. I may not have the 5.10 new features, but at least I’m not facing crashes. Most important: I don’t like the idea of some software crashing under Windows (and possibly causing problems to it). So, I’m right now sitting on 5.09, waiting for CC to release version 5.11.
  12. Haven’t thought about downgrading, as suggested by MTA... Well, just had CC downgraded to version 5.09.5343 on 2 PCs (Win7 Ultimate 32 AMD and 64 Intel). Let’s see how it goes.
  13. Well, bad news for the CC guys, from Brazil: (besides Economy and Politics and all the rest! J) Problems are back: random CC v5.10.5373 launching problems in 2 PCs, Win7 32 (AMD) and 64 Ultimate (Intel). I’ve tried to force it, see when or why it happens, but it seems to be random. No patterns identified. CC Masters, we need help!
  14. 1 No more crashes since yesterday’s CC fresh installation. Also, did the same on 3 other family / friends PCs, which were facing the problem. All solved. 2 GoneToPlaid, I use Firefox, IE and Chrome, and also have a LARGE number of bookmarks, organized in a lot of folders/subfolders. Well, I didn’t make any changes on them or in any of the browsers configurations, just made the CC fresh install. No more problems up to now. 3. I believe some update on one of the browsers, together with the last CC update, led to the bug. Probably some CC file or config was not changed accordingly on the update, which was corrected via the fresh install.
  15. Solved (it seems). Uninstalled CC, reboot and made a fresh install of it. Problems are gone in all 5 physical plus 4 VM machines. Maybe something went wrong with the last CC update?
  16. Same as above: version v5.10.5373 crashes on launch. Need to close the app and start it again. Then it launches normally. This is happenning on 5 different PCs, running Intel/AMD, Win7/XP/8/10, 32/64. So, it seems not to be a computer problem. (sorry for the bad English. I'm from Brasil)
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