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  1. I had the exact same issue as Fatfrankie88 and bflyfish this must be a bug with 1.15.507. I could not tolerate it so went back to version 1.14.451 on my MacBook. 

    Hopefully Piriform will fix this for the new Mac version of CCleaner.

  2. I've not had any problem with this release until suddenly 2 days ago when trying to delete Chrome download history it is hanging only on this process, the rest of the routine for Chrome and Safari work fine. Like I mentioned I deleted any Chrome profiles I had and let them recreate fresh but it still hangs but only for 1 user on my Mac the others work fine.     Thanks 

  3. Within the last few days when I run CCleaner for Mac it is getting stuck on this part of the process: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/WebRTCIdentity


    It will stop on this for about 1 minute then I believe it gives up to finish, it never did this before and was normally taking about 7 seconds to run.


    I've deleted all profiles in Chrome and started over with fresh default but problem still exists under my user on the Mac.


    Any ideas??

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