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  1. I have run Recuva several times on a flash drive that was inadvertently formatted. Each time, I have selected another flash drive as the destination folder for all the recovered files, but when the whole process has finished, my destination drive is empty. I've tried using several different flash drives, including a brand new one with 64 gig capacity. Recuva tells me the files were recovered, but the destination drive is empty. Is it something I'm doing wrong? Kat in Colorado **** Update: It was something I was doing wrong. I was identifying the type of file I needed to recover when the wizard first started up, but I didn't realize I also had to identify that type of file in the box with the pull-down menu in the upper right corner before I select RECOVER. The files are being written to the identified destination folder now.
  2. I have run Recuva several times, each time identifying a separate drive for the destination files. Recuva tells me that the files were recovered, but when I go to the designated flash drive, there are no files. I've selected Show Hidden files, but nothing. I've tried using different flash drives, including one brand new 64 gig one, but they all appear to be empty. Where are the recovered files?
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