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  1. Thank you Nergal, that makes sense. Bit sloppy of Piriform! I have copied to support.
  2. Yes, I read the instructions in CCleaner! Instruction #1 says "Log on to the Endpoint as an administrator." So.... what or where is "the Endpoint" and how do I log-on to it? I'm generally pretty computer savy but never heard of "Endpoint". Thanks, Phil
  3. Yeah, I know that, the original photos are indeed ok, not so sure about my extensive edits in picasa. The problem I am reporting is that as far as I can tell it was Ccleaner that wrecked the database. I'm hoping piriform will change the defaults so it does not do that. I notice that they have added to picasa to the list of applications, I'm pretty sure that wasn't there before. Thanks for the link to rebuild the database, I'll try that.
  4. I've been using Ccleaner on and off for quite a while but this week I ran the latest version and it appears to have wiped some vital Picasa files. I am now getting the picasa error message "CBlockFile::Restore err=2", for the following six db files, and then when picasa starts it reports "No photos found", and indeed there are none. albums_index.db thumbs_index.db thumbs2_index.db bigthumbs_index.db previews_index.db facetemplatesV2_index.db
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