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  1. I had NO-Script for a while but it drove me nuts I agree with other users of this program that it is for the paranoid !
  2. http://f-secure.com/ Great program ! Read the web site this is a very user friendly Firewall program also they provide spam protection Enjoy !
  3. thanks...I do know that there are many extensions that work with 2.0 its just that I gave up on them not sure why..I used to have quite a few
  4. I don't use any extensions....did in the past but not with 2.0 most of the extensions are useless anyway Bare bones is the way to go !
  5. I use F-Secure> Windows Defender> Spyblaster ( And safe Web Browsing choices ) F-Secure....Get it ! http://www.f-secure.com/
  6. go to the f-secure web site i also recomend that if you want a firewall/antivirus/spyware removal/ program for keeps you should buy it...nothing in life is free..well except ccleaner
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