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  1. Back on the Windows Search 4.0 track ... I think something has changed. I am still getting inconsistent results, however a type:mht search now does return the correct number of files, compared to the number returned by Everything for example. The tweaking.com thing may have had some effect, also the Fixit thing. However content searches (i.e. searches containing text in the document) are more unpredictable. I think this is something to do with the content filters that search uses. mimefilt.dll resides in directory %SYSTEMROOT%\system32 and this is the mime-type filter used for
  2. Thanks Andavari, mta! Yes, imaging is the only way to go. And back up your backups! (like I said mta, your slogan is a little optimistic) I have 5 hard drives so things can get complicated. I use Paragon Backup and Recovery 2014 Free. (How up to date is that?!) Having said which, there appear to be two versions of this, the slightly older one allows you to restore individual files and folders from the resultant image. Also, you can generate an ISO bootable image which will boot the machine in a mini linux based environment (don't worry, it's a GUI, but the disc names can be confu
  3. OK, well ... just for fun, I uninstalled windows search 4.0 Before this I created a system restore point. (I already had a full system disc image) I uninstalled windows search 4.0, and as commented upon above received warnings regarding numerous programs that would be affected. Essentially it indicated a huge list of programs installed on the machine. The uninstallation appeared successful, and seemed to resort to the (Classic) windows desktop search, complete with animated dog. Frankly, some of the processes running after the uninstallation appeared to be the same as those that wer
  4. You all raise some interesting points about system restore. I have been trying to find something that can check them for integrity, but have drawn a blank so far. My comment earlier in the thread the "I have no reason to suspect earlier restore points were invalid" or some such, was clearly incorrect. Chkdsk however does not find anything wrong. In my reading I did come across a site that stated that restore points were cumulative, although how they can be or what that is intended to mean I'm not sure. I'm going to have a read of 'Russinovich et al. Windows System Internals' to see if that s
  5. Thanks Trium, Andavari, Yes, I have used the Nirsoft search, I forgot to mention it. Splendid suite of software! But as you say, a little slow for what I have in mind. Having said which, intuitively probably faster than Agent Ransack. I would be interested if you would elaborate on your comment about having little luck with Windows Search because it doesn't find some files. Do you mean it's inconsistent, or just doesn't work properly? It's funny Trium, I hesitated to update to Search 4.0, but I did so, probably a couple of years ago. It was before I had accumulated so much data. I p
  6. Thank you Hazelnut, i have seen those. The problem seems to me to be that the windows search program doesn't even see the files in the file system. Perstistent handlers are used I think to open the file for reading, indexing and of course presenting. .mht appears as a mimetype. i.e. email ( for some bizarre reason ). if you open one it's just text with html style tags. You'd think the search query "type:mht" would find all .mht extension files in the indexed locations. however it doesn't. using Everything finds those that Search4.0 doesn't. so if you collate one found with Everything and
  7. Were I to try system restore for this one, i'd probably be back down to a sinclair zx 81
  8. Firstly, thanks to everybody who helped with the system restore problem in CCleaner from another thread on this forum. As a result of a couple of people’s suggestion, I am posting this here. It’s not a Piriform issue. But you did ask! I am running Windows XP Workstation Professional SP3 , and it's all up to date as far as it can be (or at least as far as I can see). For a number of reasons I don't want to update this machine to a later OS. Most everything else works just fine, except I have a very large mixed format collection of documents. E.g. pdf, word, text, Mht etc. I know it
  9. Ok, I'll do it later, been trying to find out something regarding restore point integrity checks, but drawn a blank so far! Meanwhile, to all who have contributed to my little problem part of this thead, a heartfelt thankyou.
  10. Yes absolutely! I'm kicking myself really ;-) And PS. many thanks for all your kind contributions
  11. SUCCESS!!!! SOLVED Thank you very kindly Andavari. Your suggestion worked. The procedure I used was as follows: 1) Turn off system restore as described in the above article indicated by Andavari http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/310405 2) Wait a few seconds while the machine clears the restore points (mouse pointer goes busy) 3) Restart 4) Turn System Restore Monitoring back on. 4) Check for restore points using Accessories->System Tools->System Restore ( partly to prolong the sense of anticipation ) 5) One system checkpoint was indicated by System R
  12. Thank you both login123 and mta for your suggestions. My strange reason for keeping XP is fairly simple, the machine is old, and it's not really possible to get drivers for some of the essential devices on it. I have had it running with Vista, but came to the conclusion the amount of work involved to get it on a par with how it is working now probably wasn't worth it, particularly as Vista is not terribly well supported, and is likely to go the way of all flesh fairly soon. Ironically, i can run windows 7, 8.1, and even at a push 10 running under a virtual machine under Linux 64bit. Unfortunat
  13. Hello login123, Good to meet another dedicated XP user. I have my reasons for sticking with it ( on this machine ), and i'll perhaps explain to some of our younger listeners one day, but now is not the time .... there will be time to wander off into the 32 bit sunset but it hasn't arrived quite yet. I did wonder about the virus checker. As i pointed out earlier i use f-secure, i use it because Microsoft Security Essentials is probably fairly useless these days on XP and cannot be realistically updated. Also I had a very bad experience with one product that I had been using for some yea
  14. thank you mta, the answer is yes, generally when something has been removed (uninstalled) to find and remove the often left behind debris if necessary. Sadly many uninstallers aren't very well written or at least leave behind reg entries, files and folders. Interestingly the CCleaner one (uninstaller) seems pretty good and didn't as far as I could see leave any reg entries behind. Hence when i uninstalled it, i checked the registry to see if anything had been left behind so that a new 'clean' install would occur. It did not appear to have left anything behind, but one can never be sure.
  15. i'm wondering if it's some registry entry that's gone walkabout. In fairness this installation is old. however i'm not of the reinstall and start again school. apart from which, it's not that straightforward now with xp, and this in fairness is a pretty complex machine .. dual boot xp/linux on separate bootable discs. it would take weeks to put back the XP system to how it is at the moment. oddly though as i keep pointing out, the problem has arisen since the last time i did a cleanup and backup. my habit is to reduce the number of restore points (given all is stable and they're not needed),
  16. Well, back from the netherworld. Yes, the system clock date and time are correct. The CMOS battery is in good condition and the BIOS is properly configured. Time is automatically updated via the National Physical Laboratory network time server. I created two new users. On attempting to create a new user, user manager insisted on creating a new administrator. This was Newadmin. (strangely the default administrator account already existed anyway) N.B. This installation has never had more than one interactive user. The guest account is disabled and the interactive user is the default adm
  17. Thank you all for your kind remarks. I will try some of the suggestions later. I have to disappear off to Wonderland for a couple of hours this afternoon, so I'll have a go on my return. :-)
  18. Just for completeness, I have created a restore point, Checked that it exists in the Accessories->System Tools->System Restore. It did. I ran CCleaner. CCleaner did not find it (or any other restore point). As this restore point was brand new, I restarted the machine in Safe Mode and restored the system to that point. The system took a little time to do so, as do most system restores. The system restarted and reported that the System Restore had been successful. This successful restore is also indicated in event viewer. I conclude from this the following: 1) The system is s
  19. my account is the administrator but renamed only. Starting the machine in safe mode does not offer any options other than which mode, e.g. with networking, command line, etc.
  20. I'm sorry Trium, I don't quite understand. Safe mode has no concept of being a particular user as far as I know, though I could be incorrect. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Irrespective there is only one user on this machine, other than the system ones, and the guest user is disabled. The only interactive login is mine which is an administrator. ( I know, not the best practice, but it's worked fine for a number of years)
  21. Sorry, what do you mean by "new profile"? Different user?
  22. Here is an interesting article on the subject of restore points: http://www.stevebunting.org/udpd4n6/forensics/restorepoints.htm
  23. Yes, I uninstalled and went back to v.5.9. However the problem has only just started in the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure when. I have been using CCleaner for years. sadly I didn't document when i did the update to the new version.
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