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  1. Hi, The ordering of my Quick Launch shortcuts are lost after running CCleaner. I've noticed this happen several times. I have deselected Menu Order Cache from the Windows tab of the CCleaner Settings. I'm assuming that this is the applicable setting. Here are my settings: Is there anything else I can do to prevent this from happening? Just to clarify, I'm not losing my Quick Launch bar, just the ordering of my Quick Launch shortcuts (which are all valid). Also, I'm not sure if this matters but I've customized my Task Bar so that it shows two rows of tasks (programs) along with two rows of Quick Launch shortcuts. I did this by unlocking the taskbar and dragging it up one level and then re-locking it. In addition, my first row of Quick Launch shortcuts (five of them) seems to be stable and these shortcuts do not become disordered. Thanks for any help you can provide! RIP
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