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  1. +1 just because the fact that Im not a favourite person of Metro look. Windows 7 GUI is love, Windows 7 GUI is life.
  2. Carelessness bites in the ...
  3. Its not about individual opinion. Its about votes and hence +1 and this would also refer to my suggestion about auto-select based on filters for duplicate file finder.
  4. I can agree with you. However I found this feature on Advanced Uninstaller Pro app, its actually good, saved me time and space. Im pretty sure CCleaner can just allow the software to have filters to select duplicate files with the longest folder extension, or longest name. Or any. I cant see why it is dangerous.
  5. Dear CCleaner Team, I would like to see the feature for Ccleaner to automatically select duplicate files based on a variety of filters like 1. Files based on longest file folder. 2. Files based on longest name. If there is a feature, it isn't visible to me. I had to manually select duplicate files for like 30 minutes. I think if CCleaner automatically selected duplicate files for you it would save time and effort for people with space management.For example if CCleaner automatically selected 1 duplicate files out of 2 files or 3 duplicate files out of 4 files, I think it would be pretty neat. Thanks.
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