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  1. Hi all, I decided to disable WMI because I kept getting Windows freezing on the desktop and in Windows Explorer, when I looked in Windows Error logs it always showed this as an error, at the moment apart from Ccleaner nothing else appears to affected but I will let you know if I notice any other problems. Since I have disabled this service the freezing appears to have been corrected and is no longer a problem, I think I will take the advice of one of the forum members and set it to manual and see how this goes. I also have the Steam/DTG game TS 2015 installed and I have noticed a slight
  2. Hi all, Just found out my problem, I had WMI disabled in Windows services after enabling this service everything is now working fine. Regards, Pete.
  3. HI again, Thanks for your replies, I have version 5.10.5373 64 bit of ccleaner. I know I have three restore points by looking in Windows system restore and it shows the three restore points. I am the only user of the PC and the admin user. Regards, Pete.
  4. Hi all, I have the latest version of CCleaner but when I go to remove system restore points none are showing and I know that I have three restore points. I am running Windows 7 HP. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Pete
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