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  1. OK, so what is the 5,121 KB? It appears to have this exact same amount every time I try to erase it. Edit: I see that you just answered my question in your edit above. Thanks!
  2. I can believe this, but the "Analyze" button shows that the new file has the same amount of data in it: 5,121 KB. Shouldn't it have zero data if it is just recreated empty?
  3. Hello all, I am having troubles getting CCleaner to erase my "Temporary Internet Files". I go to the main menu and click next to "Temporary Internet Files" on the left, indicating I want it deleted. Then I hit the "Analyze" button and lists "Details of the files to be deleted. Note: No files have been deleted yet)" and the program displays "Temporary Internet Files" folder is shown with the amount of data in it. I then hit "Run Cleaner" and the program appears to do its thing, taking some time to erase the files in the "Temporary Internet Files" folder. When complete the program says that "Temporary Internet Files" has been deleted. But if I hit "Analyze" again, Temporary Internet Files" reappears, with the same amount of data in it! I can do this over and over and the result is the same; the "Temporary Internet Files" are not deleted. Now if I hit the "Analyze" button and the "Temporary Internet Files" is displayed as a file to be deleted, I can right-click on it and then click the "clean" option. The same result happens: "Temporary Internet Files" still exists. If I right click on it again I can also choose the "View Detailed Results". This gives me the file location. It is: C:\Users\Flechette\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Low\SuggestedSites.dat 5,121 KB If I go to Options/Include to try and delete this file I enter: C:\Users\Flechette\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Low\SuggestedSites.dat and then hit "Run Cleaner" the results are still the same: Hit "Analyze" and "Temporary Internet Files" still remains with the same amount of data. In short, "Temproary Internet Files" appears to be un-erasable. A side note that may help: When I go onto my computer (outside of CCleaner) and try to locate "Temporary Internet Files" I cannot find the files. I can only go so far as: in C:\Users\Flechette\...as "AppData" is not visible for me to choose. I think that "Temporary Internet Files" is therefore in a hidden folder. Also, I can restart my computer and immediately use CCleaner to try to erase this folder, with no other programs (especially Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) running. Same result. Please help! I really like CCleaner but I have to be confident that it actually erases what it says it will erase.
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